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Our time is the time of the "smart"


"Smart" devices and things quickly come into our lives making it more comfortable and interesting. Even yesterday, "smart" house was the epitome of high technology, but today it is online training, business analysis, "smart" environment, "smart" government and "smart" city that are at the top of the emerging trends discussion.

"Smart" is not just technology, it is the transformation of the social model. The intellectual capacity of the human multiplied by the power of technology and converted into Collective Reason becomes the foundation of the modern society.

Digital transformations in the face of increasing threats and challenges for humanity
International Congress "SMART RUSSIA 2022"
Online, 7-8 December 2022

Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Russian Union of CIO, Expert Network EXPINET

The Main Objective of the Congress
The congress aims at considering both conceptual issues and practical implementations in the field of "smart nation" development. Under the "smart nation," we understand the national effort to co-create a future of better living for all citizens through maximum use of knowledge and technology.
Key Issues for Discussion

Within the framework of this congress, a Manifesto of Digital Transformation in the face of Increasing threats and challenges for humanity was developed.
Congress Attendees
The congress was attended by around 100 representatives of federal, regional, and local government, business, research, the education community, civil society, experts, international organizations, mass media.
Congress Events
Congress activities include plenary sessions, a panel discussion, breakout sessions, poster presentations on smart government, smart education, smart city, and knowledge economy.
Russian and foreign experts will raise topical problems and consider critical aspects of "smart nation" development at plenary sessions and discussions.

Organizers will publish selected congress materials in a special issue of the scientific and analytical journals.

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